Father’s Day 2015

It was Father’s Day on Sunday here in the UK. It was also our 2nd Father’s Day with Kacey. Last year I gave his Dad a framed photograph of them both and a key ring with Kacey’s date of birth engraved on it. This year I wanted to make something myself. Kacey also did some lovely mark-making on a piece of card with “Happy Father’s Day” printed across the top.

Kaceys markmaking

I made a silhouette of Kacey using a photograph I already had that was taken from the side of Kacey. I printed it out and cut out around his head and shoulders, stuck this down on a blank canvas and painted over it using blue poster paint. When I removed the printed photograph there was a negative space left in the shape of Kacey’s head.

Papa Kacey seemed pleased with his gifts and we all enjoyed a burger at a place near us called ‘Bun & Bar’.

Kacey sillhouette

Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there and here’s to many more!