I haven’t written a blog post for a while now as I have had rather a busy 6 months!

I will begin with announcing the birth of my second child, my first daughter…

Luna Aurora


She arrived 3 weeks early on the 23rd of December 2015 at 1.10 pm. She is a gorgeous and strong-willed little girl and has settled beautifully into our family. I couldn’t be more happy, easily the best early Christmas gift ever!

I will be posting a series of pregnancy, birth and beyond posts over the coming weeks.

1st Birthday Cake Smash Photo Shoot

When your baby turns 1, it’s a great time to capture them on camera. They might be crawling or even walking by now and you could get those first wobbly steps for the photo album. It’s also a lovely way to mark the end of your first year together and to see how far you have come.

cake smash 007

I threw a birthday party at home with friends and family which Kacey enjoyed (so much so that he skipped both of his usual naps!) But a week before his birthday, I scheduled a photo shoot with myself, Daddy and Kacey.

Kacey in his suit

Kacey in his suit

It took me quite a while to find the perfect place to do the Cake Smash in London, there are a lot of places that do this now. But when I saw the photos from Bumps & Bows, I knew this was it!

We were greeted by the photographer, Lola who began with photos of us together, as a family and then some of Kacey alone with a lot of balloons!

cake smash 003cake smash 004 Then the cake came out, a beautifully iced, blue, ombre cake with rainbow layers inside. Kacey was cautious at first but we got some beautiful photos of our boy.

This has been the most amazing year. Kacey is now 15 months old, a confident and independent toddler. I couldn’t be more proud and so lucky to be his Mama.

cake smash 008cake smash 006cake smash 005cake smash 010 If anybody else has Cake Smash questions or photos, please share them in the comments!

5 Tips for Going on Holiday Abroad with a Toddler

In a couple of weeks I will be embarking on my first holiday abroad with Kacey. I have no trouble with planes or travelling myself but I am unsure about how Kacey will handle it. Now that he can walk, well, run, I’m not sure how easy this will be.

I have read many tips and guides online from other parents and I have asked other mums that I know about how they managed with their babies in tow.

Kacey on the beach

Kacey on the beach

I have compiled a list here of the most useful advice for holidaying with a toddler abroad:

  1. Don’t go crazy packing lots of nappies, you can buy them when you arrive at your destination.
  2. Take a re-usable swim nappy with you. I purchased one on Amazon and I take it out with me a lot just in case we decide to swim or we spot a paddling pool. After you’ve used it you can just pop it in the wash and use it again.
  3. Don’t forget to take a high factor protective sun cream for both you and your baby. Try to keep them out of the sun during the hours of 11am – 3pm when the sun is strongest.
  4. Relax. It will help to stick to your basic routine but try not to fret if things go a little off course. Remember, this is a holiday!
  5. Take some snacks, drinks and small books to keep your little one occupied during long journeys.

Beach babe2 These are the main tips that I will be following on our first family holiday. If I discover any more of my own whilst we are away, I will be sure to post them here for you.

Father’s Day 2015

It was Father’s Day on Sunday here in the UK. It was also our 2nd Father’s Day with Kacey. Last year I gave his Dad a framed photograph of them both and a key ring with Kacey’s date of birth engraved on it. This year I wanted to make something myself. Kacey also did some lovely mark-making on a piece of card with “Happy Father’s Day” printed across the top.

Kaceys markmaking

I made a silhouette of Kacey using a photograph I already had that was taken from the side of Kacey. I printed it out and cut out around his head and shoulders, stuck this down on a blank canvas and painted over it using blue poster paint. When I removed the printed photograph there was a negative space left in the shape of Kacey’s head.

Papa Kacey seemed pleased with his gifts and we all enjoyed a burger at a place near us called ‘Bun & Bar’.

Kacey sillhouette

Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there and here’s to many more!