New Fragrance: Penhaligon’s ‘Luna’ 

This month sees the launch of Penhaligon’s ‘Luna’. Much like it’s namesake, the Greek Goddess of the Moon, the fragrance has a beguiling beauty that inspires dreams of fantastical places.

Described as ‘Hypnotic and sensual, Luna shines up from the dark water, illuminating the ink-coloured night sky. Opening with the bitter freshness of orange bigarade, the heart unfolds with the crisp lightness of juniper berry, rounded off with the sensuality of a dark woody base.’

Penhaligon’s is a name synonymous with elegance and steeped in history. Their stores resemble that of an old apothecary, delicate glass bottles lining every wall. Stepping inside feels like you are being let in on a secret and this new fragrance is no different, wonderfully unique.

The name naturally jumped out at me as I had named my daughter Luna just 6 months ago. The name itself evokes feelings of power and images of an ethereal beauty much like the Moon itself.

Inspired by Penhaligon’s Luna, I have written a piece about the Goddess that inspired the creation of this gorgeous scent.

In the final hour of the day, she makes her entrance but not in the way that you might expect. There is no sudden noise to alert you but rather a slow, steady and powerful process of change that commands attention. The birds call to each other in a flurry of excitement. Twittering and chirping across the treetops, enveloping their loved ones in wings outstretched. As she approaches, their calls are softened to a whispering coo, feathers muffling their song. 

She begins her journey as she always does, taking her seat in her chariot, sitting high, regal and ready. Her two horses stay silently waiting for her unspoken orders, one a deep chestnut-brown, so dark that he was barely visible against the fading landscape. His coat glinting gently was his only giveaway. His companion is a bright, white, dappled in grey, resembling a coating of snow with soft shadows cast upon it.

Luna settles in her throne, gathering the leather reins with an expert hand. She tightens her grip, lifts the reins skywards and cracks them down. The chariot rumbles as the horses lead the way. Her glossy, dark curls are swept back from her face in the evening wind and tumble down the length of her back. She has a striking face, full, high-cheekboned and kind. Her eyes glisten seductively under densely packed eyelashes, fixed on the path being broken before her. She could almost remain unseen in the darkness if it were not for the iridescent glow beneath the surface of her skin. She needs no jewellery or adornments, she has an elegant beauty all of her own.

Draped around her neck and over her shoulders is a dark scarf of silk, framing her face. In the speed that they had gathered, the rushing wind picks up the tail-end of the scarf that stretches for miles behind her. It floats higher and higher above her and clings to the edge of the horizon. Inch by ince, the scarf sticks to the sky, slowly shrouding it and dimming the light. The sky displays a range of hues in this transformation, oranges, pinks, greens, almost like a final show before the curtain falls and settles with a deep, inky backdrop. The final hints of colour left over from the day are muted to a palette of blues and greys.

With each breath, she sends glimmering clouds of stars swirling upwards where they catch in the silky sky. She breathes light into the night whilst providing a cloak of darkness for the world around her. The chariot wheels are spinning at such a speed now that together with the friction of the ground, they create tiny, glowing sparks. The sparks settle on the ground, shining a little brighter like lingering embers before growing wings and taking flight. They buzz, dizzily among the trees, dancing to the familiar Luna lullaby. Her song can only be heard when all else is quiet, she conducts nature like an orchestra. With the sway in her hips, she sends the sea tides ebbing and flowing, the nod of her head sends the world to sleep. Looking around her, her reflection shimmers on the water, the leaves are licked with silver and dance playfully to the humming tune that has filled the air. In the warmth of the summer haze, the flowers have unfurled and the air is bursting in sweet scents with every step that she takes. She has completed her journey for tonight, she rises above, surveying the world below her. Luna has witness all of the world’s changes, she has been told the darkest secrets, overseen births and hushed meetings, seen wars begin and end. You might think that all of this had aged her but her wisdom has left her unmarked. She remains as youthful and as vibrant as she ever was.

This is a fragrance that I could wear day and night, it is transformative and sends me to another time and place. ‘Luna’ is fresh and warm all at once. The orange bigarade is refreshing, the jasmine is feminine and the woody base notes add a depth to the scent and with it, a touch of mystery.

I’ve been wearing this gorgeous fragrance all week and have received lots of compliments.

This will be accompanying me on dusky summer walks and on journeys far beyond my London surroundings.