Happy International Women’s Day!

I have always been aware of IWD, my mother attends the annual WOW  (Women Of the World) Festival on London’s Southbank. I went to an all – girl High School where we discussed influential women within society whilst also challenging our own gender-enforced roles.
I have always questioned my own place in this world and wondered how and where I fit into it. But as a new mother to my 10 week old daughter, this day holds a new meaning and a new purpose to me personally. It didn’t have the same impact last March when I was a mother of a 10 month old little boy. Although I ultimately want him to grow up to be a wonderful partner, friend and role model, I didn’t feel as though he was getting such a raw deal by being male.
Our society has changed in many ways over the last few decades but there still remains to be such inequalities between the sexes. Instead of feeling defeatist when thinking of the gender pay gap and wondering what it means to be a woman… This year I shall make it my own. This year I will define myself as the woman that I am and not the woman that I think I should be.

I am stubborn, I am kind, I am thoughtful, I care fiercely and defend those that I love to the ends of this earth.

I am creative and occasionally very well organised but mostly I am a woman. I am a mother and I am me.

So when my darling little Luna is aware of International Women’s Day herself, I hope that she can be proud of herself and the woman that she is.