5 Tips for Going on Holiday Abroad with a Toddler

In a couple of weeks I will be embarking on my first holiday abroad with Kacey. I have no trouble with planes or travelling myself but I am unsure about how Kacey will handle it. Now that he can walk, well, run, I’m not sure how easy this will be.

I have read many tips and guides online from other parents and I have asked other mums that I know about how they managed with their babies in tow.

Kacey on the beach

Kacey on the beach

I have compiled a list here of the most useful advice for holidaying with a toddler abroad:

  1. Don’t go crazy packing lots of nappies, you can buy them when you arrive at your destination.
  2. Take a re-usable swim nappy with you. I purchased one on Amazon and I take it out with me a lot just in case we decide to swim or we spot a paddling pool. After you’ve used it you can just pop it in the wash and use it again.
  3. Don’t forget to take a high factor protective sun cream for both you and your baby. Try to keep them out of the sun during the hours of 11am – 3pm when the sun is strongest.
  4. Relax. It will help to stick to your basic routine but try not to fret if things go a little off course. Remember, this is a holiday!
  5. Take some snacks, drinks and small books to keep your little one occupied during long journeys.

Beach babe2 These are the main tips that I will be following on our first family holiday. If I discover any more of my own whilst we are away, I will be sure to post them here for you.


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