Hello and welcome to my blog!

Just a few things about me before I get started on my rambling journey of blogging…

  • My name is Kira
  • Born in London, still live here and love it!
  • Been a Makeup Artist since 2007 so that’s 8 years this year. I love my job but have been working a bit less as..
  • I have a 1 year old son, Kacey. He keeps me very busy but also very happy, he’s a delight!
  • Have been meaning to start a blog for ages but I always find an excuse not to…
  • I had a blog a few years ago but deleted it in it’s entirety for reasons of embarrassment
  • I enjoy baking, reading, doodling, photographing, sewing and I’m learning to crochet
  • I am also brushing up on my French skills as well as learning some Spanish and Japanese
Kacey & Mama

Kacey & Mama

So that’s a little bit about me and hopefully you’ll get to know some more as I post some more blogs. This will be a completely new learning process for me so I expect to get things wrong but hopefully have fun while doing it!

If anybody has any questions or just wants to say hi… Please do!

Thanks and hope you find my blog interesting

Mama Kacey


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. As a fellow learner of french, Spanish and possibly Korean, I am looking forward to more posts from your blog. And yes, I do find your blog interesting so this is me clicking the follow button and hoping for awesome posts from you.

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  2. Happy to hear you are interested in Japanese! Actually I am Japanese and have learned English, French and Chinese. I am looking forward to reading posts written in Japanese, and hope I can assist you.:)

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